‘Southampton Platform for Inclusive Research and Ideas Together’

We are a group of people interested in working collaboratively and inclusively around researching disability issues. We bring together people with learning disabilities, academics from the University of Southampton, Choices Advocacy (a local advocacy service based across Southern Hampshire), Dorset Advocacy and People First Dorset (a branch of the national learning disability self-advocacy network) and we are keen to involve people along the South Coast.

We are working together on ideas for making research have more impact where it matters. We do this by

  1. Identifying important issues affecting people with learning disabilities
  2. Finding out what research has already been done on these issues
  3. Thinking about what still needs to be done
  4. Reflecting on better ways to do the research – and to tell people about it
  5. Working on the idea of doing research inclusively – and doing it well – so that it impacts on the lives of people with learning disabilities

We were established in 2015, with our first meeting taking place on 17 September, 2015. We will be using this site to document our journey and to develop an online resource for tracking all our activities and for sharing what we are learning. You can follow our progress on our journey blog. Also, check out details of our next event on May 9th 2017.

– The SPIRIT platform

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