who we are

SPIRIT  platform members:


Andrew Power, Melanie Nind, Matthew King and Claudia Joyce (L-R) from SPIRIT Meeting, 14 Apr. 2016

Dr Andrew Power, Social Geographer at University of Southampton, interested in disability research and working inclusively with disabled people.

Prof. Melanie Nind, Professor of Education at University of Southampton, with strong background in inclusive research with people with learning disabilities.

Chris Mellor works as project manager of the Speaking Up Projects at People First Dorset, and also works as a Day Services Quality Checker.

Diane Childs works on the management committee at People First Dorset.

Lisa Dixon is Project Manager for the Speaking Up Projects at People First Dorset. She is is also Volunteer Project Manager, and supports the Management Committee.

Matthew King, a self-advocate with Choices Advocacy from Southampton, who is actively involved in the local Partnership Board and self-advocacy groups, Busy People and the Hub.

Jon Searle, locational manager at Choices Advocacy at Southampton, actively involved in managing advocacy for people with learning disabilities across the Southampton region.

Clare Tarling, Business Development Manager at Dorset Advocacy and has a background in developing self-advocacy with people who have Learning Disabilities in Dorset.

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