launch event (plain language)


The SPIRIT disability platform launch event took place on Wednesday 25th May (10am – 4pm).

At the event we talked about research with people with learning disabilities on how disability services can work better.

The event had four talks:

  1. Peer-advocacy. We will talk about how peer-advocacy can help support living in the community and overcoming isolation. It will be led by Dr Andrew Power, Dr Ruth Bartlett, Mr Matthew King and Ms. Donna Evans.
  2. Self-assertiveness (being able to speak up for yourself). It will be led by May Ostby and a research group from Norway.

medium-138003. How personal budgets can work better for people with learning disabilities. This will be led by Dr Val Williams (pictured) at the Norah Fry Research Centre at Bristol.

4. Why user-led organisations are so important? Steve Strong, National  Development Team for Inclusion and Tammy Flook, Gloucester Voices

Each talk included a break-out group where everyone was able to have their say.

For pictures of the event, please go to the main launch event page.